The renter of the car

  • Must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid driver’s license for the chosen vehicle
  • It is not allowed to drive if you have been drinking alcohol
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the rented vehicle
  • When you pick up the vehicle a valid driver’s license must be presented
  • It is only allowed to let another person drive the vehicle if it is specified in the contract


Payment/conditions of payment

  • The car is paid in cash or by bank transfer
  • Bank transfer: The latest is 3 days before the start of the rental
  • Cash: Pay in EURO/DKK/YTL or USD when you pick up the car.
  • The price stated is including unlimited kilometers, insurance, tax and VAT.
  • When cancelling on the same day as the rental starts, 1 day of rental is charged.


Rules in traffic & technical problems

  • Speedlimits are 50 km/hr in the city and 90 km/hr outside city
  • Lights is permitted at all times
  • It is permitted to use seat belts
  • It is only allowed to carry the number of passenger which the vehicle is intended for.
  • If you should experience any flaws or technical problems, Eurodan will take care of it together with the auto repair in Alanya or on an auto repair refered to by Eurodan
  • The renter of the car pays parking fees and traffic fines
  • When renting auto seats the renters have the responsibility of placing and tighten the seats
  • Papers on the car are placed under the visor above the driver’s seat and the police can demand to see them
  • Removal of the car-registretions papers (in the car) is not allowed and if you do so, you will be charged the expense of getting new papers
  • Roadside assistance is only available between Gasipasa and Antalya and in the city of Alanya. If you should experience a technical problem outside this route, Eurodan will provide you with telephone assistance and refer you to an auto repair
  • There will be no price reduction if a technical problem should occur during the period of rental
  • In the event of an accident, engine breakdown or other technical problems contact Eurodan on +90 532 495 1707


Rental conditions / rental period

  • The minimum rental period from the airport in Antalya or in Gazipasa is 3-5 days
  • Daily rental from the office in Alanya is always from evening to evening
  • The delivery of the car is after 10.00 am
  • The rental period is 23 hours – from 00.00 pm. to 23.00 pm. the next day
  • Return the car in tidy condition and with an almost empty tank
  • If the vechicle is returned more than 4 hours late a supplement of half a days rent will accrue
  • If the vechicle is returned more than 6 hours late a supplement of a days rent will accrue



  • In case of renter’s defaults on the signed contract, Eurodan can take use of the normal remedies after the Turkish general law matters – including termination of the contract and claim damages
  • If the vehicle is returned too late a fee equal to the daily rent price is charged per day commenced
  • Eurodan has the right – if necessary with help from the police – to take back the vehicle if default under the rental period is found. The renter will not be able to claim breach of contract in the case of Eurodan’s lawful readmission.
  • The renter cannot claim breach of contract in case of force majeure.
  • By default in payment Eurodan’s claim for collection is transferred to Eurodan’s attorney in Turkey or Denmark.



  • The vehicle is fully insured
  • The renter can only obtain compensation from the insurance company if the insurance company recognizes its liability. A police report is always required!
  • The insurance covers the persons in the contract or those who are registered as the renter at Eurodan
  • If third parties have been driving the vehicle the insurance will NOT cover any damage. Renter/s are jointly and severally liable
  • If driving the vehicle and has drink alcohol the insurance will NOT cover any damage. Renter/s are jointly and severally liable
  • All cases of damages need a police report otherwise the insurance does not cover
  • Renter/s are responsible for any damage on the vehicle if no police report has been made
  • There is no excess for the renter/s if a police report has been made
  • If you should experience a break-in into the vehicle neither Eurodan nor the insurance company are responsible for stolen items or damage to them
  • If the car should break down, it is only possible to get a replacement vehicle if you are between Gazipasa and Antalya or in the city of Alanya. If damage should happen outside these areas it is not possible to get a replacement vehicle and any expenses to another rental or transportation is none of Eurodan’s business and will not be covered.


Legal framework

The legal basis for the lease is the Road Traffic Act and the Turkish general law of renting.

Any dispute arising in connection with this contract shall be governed by Turkish law by the lessor venue, based in Alanya / Turkey.


Force Majeure

Eurodan is not responsible for loss or damage caused by statutory, regulatory actions, impending or threathing war, riot, civil commotion, terrorism, anti-terrorism, sabotage, natural disasters, power outages, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, picketing, flight delays, interruptions of the rented vehicle or cancellations, whether Eurodan will be a party to it.


Lost and found

Eurodan is not responsible for lost and found items. Found items is stored at the office in Alanya and will be handed over in person at the office.

+90 532 495 17 07