General Information about Alanya
About Alanya


Alanya is a tourist town located in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey frequently referred to as “The Pearl in the Turkish Riviera”. Alanya is encircled by a teal blue ocean and long golden beaches. It is a very dynamic city, a corner of paradise where the emerald green Taurus Mountains provide a fascinating background and meet a crystal clear ocean. This is a place where history and nature merge.

One of the most charming qualities about Alanya are the inhabitants, whom are noted for their spirit of generosity and friendliness.  The population of the city is 264.240 inhabitants with 150.346 being in the center of the town. During the summer, the number of inhabitants increases due to the large number of tourists arriving – approximately 1.2 million each year (source


The Cleopatra beach reaches 2 km out from the westerly part of Alanya. The name 
“Cleopatra” originates from 37 B.C., when the Roman emperor Marc Anthony gave parts of the city to Cleopatra to express his love to the Egyptian queen. The equally beautiful Keykubat beach reaches to the east, where the low water makes it a perfect place to take a leisurely swim. Both beaches are ideal for sunbathing, - beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented for about 5-10 Turkish liras per day. Many cafés and bars are located on the Cleopatra and Keykubat beaches. A wide range of aquatic sports can be found here to excite beginners as well as experts.


Aside from the many colorful boats and yachts, the Alanya marina is filled with restaurants offering fresh fish, shellfish and refreshing drinks for the parched traveler. Boat trips depart from the marina on a regular basis and venture along the coast of Alanya, showcasing the many spectacular caves in the surrounding area. The Island Cyprys is only 2.5-3 hours of ferry ride away from Alanya and cruise ships depart on a regular basis every week (in the summer period) from Alanya to Cyprys.


Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate with an average of 310-320 sunny days a year. However, Alanya’s geographical location provides it with a unique climate, the surrounding mountains from the north, east, and west breaks the chilly winds and makes it possible to swim in the ocean 10 months a year.
Worth to Know about Alanya
Located on the Mediterranean coast. Sunshine 320 days a year. Estimated inhabitants: 264.000. About 1.2 million tourists are vacationing in Alanya and the surroundings every year. A lot of internationally known companies and supermarket chains have chosen Alanya as their most important sales market. Among the stores you are likely to find are Metro, Tespo, Renault, Fiat, McDonalds, Burger King, Benetton, Adidas, and Carrefour. Alanya also has a very high standard for doctor and dentist facilities – most of them have translators on site. The Euro is accepted at most places in the business community.

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